Name Date Rating Type Long Term Short Term Outlook Action
MRA Securities Limited 10/18/2021 Entity A-    A-2 Stable Reaffirmed
MRA Securities Limited 10/18/2021 BFR BFR3+    Stable Initial
BMA Capital Management Limited 10/15/2021 Entity A-    A-2 Stable Reaffirmed
The United Insurance Company of Pakistan Limited 10/14/2021 IFS AA    Stable Upgrade
Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited 10/14/2021 Entity AAA    A-1+ Stable Reaffirmed
Smartlink Technologies 10/14/2021 Entity BBB    A-2 Stable Initial
Fortune Securities Limited 10/12/2021 BMR BMR2    Stable Initial
Adam Securities Limited 10/12/2021 BFR BFR3++    Stable Initial
EFU General Insurance Limited 10/11/2021 IFS AA+    Stable Reaffirmed
BMA Capital Management Limited 10/8/2021 Entity    Suspended

Informed Investment Decision Making Along CPEC