China Chengxin International Credit Rating Co.Ltd CCXI:    Press Release    |    COUNTRY RISK REPORT ALONG THE BELT AND ROAD (2022)

Name Date Rating Type Long Term Short Term Outlook Action
Highnoon Laboratories Ltd 9/20/2023 Entity A+ A-1 Positive Initial
Pak-Gulf Leasing Company Limited 9/21/2023 Entity A- A-2 Stable Reaffirmed
AGI Denim 9/21/2023 Entity A A-2 Stable Reaffirmed
Biotech Energy (Pvt) Limited 9/21/2023 Entity A A-1 Stable Upgrade
Maple Leaf Cement Factory Ltd 9/20/2023 Entity A A-1 Stable Maintained
K-Electric Limited 9/20/2023 STS-20 A-1+ Preliminary
Punjab Thermal Power (Pvt) Limited 9/19/2023 Entity AA A-1 Stable Upgrade
Al-Ghazi Tractors Ltd. 9/18/2023 Entity A+ A-1 Stable Reaffirmed
Next Capital Limited 9/14/2023 BFR BFR2 Stable Reaffirmed
Foundation Securities (Pvt) Limited 9/13/2023 BFR BFR3++ Stable Upgrade